Sunday, 6 March 2011

Games of March 2011

March is a good month for gaming. We have a few big titles coming up, including Dragon Age II, Crysis 2 and Homefront.

Dragon Age II - PC, PS3, X360 - 11 March
The first actual blockbuster title of the month is arriving next week. The Dragon Age II demo has been available for a week, and fans of the previous game are rather divided as there's been some radical changes. We'll have to wait and see if it lives up to it's expextations.

Homefront - PC, PS3, X360 - 18 March
Homefront is promising to be an exciting fresh IP. It is set in 2027, and the USA has been invaded by North Korea. Streets and malls have become battlegrounds where civilian resistance forces pool their efforts in an attempt to fight for their freedom. The script has been written by John Milius (from Apocalypse Now), which makes it very likely the story and overall experience will be an engaging one.

Crysis 2 - PC, PS3, X360 - 25 March
The first Crysis' graphics (and innovative gameplay) had such an impact on the gaming world, it is not odd to be excited when you hear there's going to be a sequel. Surely, it's impact won't be as big as the first Crysis had back in it's day, but it still looks damn pretty. The way you now use suit powers seems like it's more streamlined (in a good way) and fun, I look forward to getting my hands on this!


  1. Homefront sound and looks really, really nice!

  2. I heard alot of good things about Dragon Age 2. Crysis is very hyped up...I fear it may dissapoint.

  3. are you planning on reviewing these all>? look forward to it

    Soma Shank Tank

  4. Homefront sounds really interesting.

  5. wow, that pic of Dragon Age 2 looks a bit like Snake from Metal Gear

  6. Excited for Crysis 2, but bummed about the lack of DX11 support

  7. looks fkn awesome! crysis!


  8. Homefront looks aweome, I'd never even heard of it before!

  9. wow that is a must get!


    ps. ur captcha is on

  10. Out of all of them, I'm looking forwards to homefront the most, it has a good (albeit scary) concept to it.

  11. I think dragon age 2 will be great, can't wait to finally play it!